Kim Kardashian’s Music Vid Looks Awesome. The Song? Not So Much

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Just days after releasing her first new single, Kim Kardashian‘s teasing us even more with these pics from her music video. And, looking her gorgeous, glam self, we’re pretty sure the video will be better than the song. But then again, Kim is better being sexy behind the camera than being sexy behind the mic. Just sayin’.

But what are people sayin’ about Kim’s musical debut? You NEED to read these hilarious (yet mean) comments and tell us if you agree…

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We found these comments under Kim’s song on YouTube and here are just some of our faves: (and disclaimer, these are NOT our opinions of the song but rather YouTube listeners opinions. Mmkay?)

–wanna jam my head against a wall XO
–Can’t wait for a duet with K-Fed!!! Po Po Zow!!!!
–if this is what she sounds like with autotune can’t imagine what it would be like without it….. *covers ears and screams*
–Another one of those songs that will probably get popular for no reason. If my radio alarm clock wakes me up to this song i will probably slap it off the side table
–I rather get 10000000000 spam messages everyday than listen to this track.
–Ke$ha is suddenly starting to look like a good singer

Ok, you get the point. Are these haters right — or being way too mean? What do you think of Kim’s song? Tell us in the comments!