Things Kim Kardashian Can Do With Her New ‘Do That She Previously Could Not

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Kim Kardashian definitely isn’t afraid to try out a new hair look every once in a while. Anyone remember her blonde locks? Yeah, and we also remember how quickly she returned to her signature sorta straight, sorta wavy, parted-in-the-middle look. But while hosting an event at Lavo in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve 2012, Kim revealed a new super straight cut with a blunt bang…and we gotta say, we hope this one sticks around longer than Kris Humphries. Maybe just because Kim can now do five seriously cool things with her hair that she previously couldn’t do at all, like…

1. The full-on kissy pout…

2. Side part her hair around her boobs. (Weird, but useful.)

3. A major hair flip.

4. Run her fingers through its silky-smooth texture as a flirtation device for boys.

5. Donate a few inches to mom Kris Jenner so they can officially be identical twins.

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