Kim Kardashian Admits She Totally Ships Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

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While the world is torn between loving Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez‘s latest reunion and, well… hating it, Kim Kardashian is taking a stand for the are-they-aren’t-they couple by saying she’s all for it!

During her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, guest host Jennifer Lawrence totally caught the reality star off guard and asked Kim K about her thoughts on Jelena’s latest reunion. KKW’s response? She’s totally into it. “I think it’s so cute,” Kim said. Well, there you go, Jelena. Regardless of how anyone else may feel about the on-again, off-again couple possibly getting back together, the social media kween totally approves of it.

Aside from giving her honest opinion on Sel and the Biebs reuniting, the 37-year-old entrepreneur opened up about life with hubby Kanye West. J.Law asked the reality star some pretty hard hitting questions, but Kim managed to answer them all with ease.

When asked what Kanye’s weirdest habits are, the mother of two revealed that her husband can just fall asleep anywhere. “We’ll be at a meeting, he’ll introduce me to people I’ve never met before, and we’ll be at a restaurant and he’ll be snoring at the table,” she said. “And I’m like stuck to fend for myself.” Being able to fall asleep anywhere sounds like more of a talent than a weird habit.

But the family stories didn’t end there. Kim and Jen reminisced on the time the mother! star stopped by Kris Jenner‘s house for a dinner party and revealed that things got pretty wild. Although Kris and Jen got pretty drunk together, that wasn’t the craziest part of the night.

At one point in the night, Kim revealed that Jen demanded both Kim and Kanye style her.
“No, you said, ‘I’m not joking, I really want Kanye to style me,’ and so I said, ‘Okay,'” Kim recalled. “And then I come back in, and you’re fully butt naked. I’m like, ‘Okay, I’m going to intercom downstairs and tell him to not come upstairs.’ And we put on one of my mom’s dresses and you wore it throughout the whole dinner.”

FUN FACT: J.Law actually kept the dress. What other Keeping Up with the Kardashians enthusiast can say they have a Kris Jenner dress in their own closet? That’s right, no one!