From Our BFFS: Did Kim Kardashian Really Cheat on Kris Humphries?!

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Wait, did Kim Kardashian actually cheat on Kris Humphries? The other guy (a football player, natch) claims he has proof! [Posh 24]

And speaking of Kim Kardashian, will she be making Kris sign a prenup? Umm, duh! Gotta keep that Kardashian kash safe! [Wetpaint]

Hey, did you know the kids in Super 8 like Elle Fanning and Joel Courtney wrote the movie within the movie? And, what does that mean exactly?! [Hollywire]

The Twilight cast is just full of surprises! You’ll never guess what Nikki Reed plans to do post-Twilight other than be a wife… [JSYK]

Teen Wolf made a very strong debut on Sunday, raking in 2.2 million views!Are you hooked on the show, too?! [Just Jared Jr]

Gleeks! What’s more fun than watching an episode of Glee? Being a real-life Gleek with Glee Karaoke! “Don’t Stop Believin’, anyone?!” [Cambio]

Wanna look like AnnaLynne McCord while you’re laying on the beach this summer? You totally can! But, um, waif-like figure not included. [Seventeen]

Got a question for Victoria Justice? All you gotta do is Tweet it and she’ll answer! Really… [M]

How does Britney Spears feel about her Femme Fatale tour? She says it’s “fine.” Um, ok then. [PopDust]

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