From Our BFFs: Did Kim Kardashian Actually Get an X-Ray… of Her Butt?!

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Just Jared

Oh, yes she di’id! On a dare from her sisters, Kim Kardashian went to the doctor to get an X-ray of her booty. If this isn’t proof that it’s real, then we don’t know what is. [Just Jared]

Speaking of party-girls, guess which of your Glee faves was found partying it up in Manchester while on their UK tour. Hint: One may break out into some Britney Spears dance moves. [Posh 24]

The Monte Carlo premiere was last night, and Katie Cassidy spilled the deets on the off-set girl time with her co-stars Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester. Getting us even more anxious there, huh Katie? [TWIST]

iCarly‘s Jennette McCurdy is the new face of Rebecca Bonbon clothing. Get a sneak peek at the promo shoot! [Seventeen]

Pretty Little Liars star Sasha Pieterse (aka A… lison) says this season, we’ll find out more about the night she went missing. Scandalous! Then again, nothing’s more scandalous than… [Wetpaint]

…the breaking Jersey Shore news that they’re planning on recasting! Uhh, we got ourselves a situation. Are you going to miss the original cast’s drama and pranks? [Hollywire]

Then again, we could always settle for these moments of awesomeness. If you type the word ‘drive’ and ‘prank’ into YouTube, this is what you get. [JSYK]

Nikki Reed might have some awesome news of her own. Apparently, the Twilight star may or may not join her American Idol BF on tour! Could be pretty epic. [Cambio]

Lady Gaga‘s on tour too. And dropping more hit singles. And she’s pumping out killer music videos like it’s nobody’s business. Could she be heading for a decline? [CollegeCandy]

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