Fans Think Kim K Just Gave a Baby Name Hint with Cryptic Instagram

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The mystery of the latest Kimye baby name has reached a whole new level, thanks to conspiracy theories inspired by a recent Instagram post Kim Kardashian shared:

There have been numerous reports that Kanye West and Kim K are still trying to decide on a baby name for their newborn daughter, but a recent Instagram post of Kim’s has some fans thinking she’s naming her daughter after fashion house Louis Vuitton. Kim shared a simple pic of Louis Vuitton’s signature design pattern, which led many fans to speculate that she and Kanye are naming their baby after the brand.

Some guesses of baby names that could be inspired by the brand were Elle V, LV West, and Louis West. Of course, those were the more tampered down guesses, because the theories just got crazier from there…

One fan tweeted, “My guess is that Kim & Kanye’s new baby girl is gonna have an E name…North, South (Saint), East (??), and West. Heard it here first folks”. Another guessed, “Maybe its LV ellvee?”. We’re gonna go ahead and guess it’s not either of those, but Elvee would be pretty amazing.

Another fan joked, “If Kim and Kanye named their daughter Louis/Vuitton, Kylie [Jenner] might as well name hers Gucci Gang”.

In that case, let’s hope Khloe Kardashian is prepared to call her child Dolce.

One fan made the very astute observation that the post is connected to a lyric from the song “Gold Digger,” in which Kanye raps, “With a baby Louis Vuitton under her arm”.

The pressure is definitely on for Kim and Kanye, because they’ve gotta come up with a name as extra as North AND Saint. But until they do officially share the name of their baby girl, there’s no way Kim and Kanye aren’t absolutely loving all the hype, speculation and wild conspiracy theories from eager fans surrounding their third child’s name.