Are Avril Lavigne and Kim Kardashian the Most Unlikely BFFs Ever?

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At first glance, Avril Lavigne and Kim Kardashian hanging out together on the red carpet is kinda weird and random. You’re probably like, “Why is Kim Kardashian at Avril Lavigne’s album launch party for ‘Goodbye Lullabye?'” and stuff. But no, the two aren’t BFF even though Kim’s now a “singer” and all…

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Kim’s just keeping it in the family, supporting Avril since Avril’s BF is Kim’s stepbrother Brody Jenner. Isn’t that cute? Kim tweeted, “Feel like its prom all over again…in a white stretch limo w @KrisHumphries @BrodyJenner @AvrilLavigne…heading to Avril’s album release.” And Brody? He also is showing the support for his girlf, tweeting “So proud of @AvrilLavigne her new album is amazing!! I am a Dude and I love it!! Go get it and You will see what I mean.. Love my woman :).”

Are you gonna get Avril’s new album? Do you think Kim and Avril should be BFF — or just “sisters”? Check out the pics and tell us in the comments!