Kids Reaction’ to Selena Gomez? “She’s Not Like Miley Cyrus Smoking Pot All The Time” (Video)

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We all saw the video of Selena Gomez meeting Shia LaBeouf, who she has a monster crush on. Don’t tell Justin. But it was the first time these kids had ever seen the video and let us tell you, their reactions to the vid and to Selena in general are priceless. Some think Selena’s cute, some think Selena is not so cute and poor little 6-year-old Morgan doesn’t even know who SelGo is! Maybe she should read Teen.com. Just sayin’.


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Watch as these kids talk about the Shia incident, Sel’s Disney image, and her relationship with Justin Bieber. And make sure you watch the whole thing. 4:20-4:32 is absolutely hilarious.

Did you think this video was funny? Do you agree with some of the things the kids said? Let us know in the comments!