From Our BFFs: What Would Will Smith Look Like in a Human Slingshot?

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We were already pumped when we first heard that Will Smith was hosting the Kids’ Choice Awards this year. Now that we’ve seen this promo with Will and Nicki Minaj? We’re going bizerk!

And speaking of Nicki, she’s pretty much the Queen of Crazy Hair Prints. Then again, Lady Gaga and Snooki seem to rock the trend just fine… [gURL]

Remember all those cute Danimals commercials with Dylan & Cole Sprouse? Well they’re about to get even cuter with the addition of… Bella Thorne! [Just Jared Jr.]

Ezria make-out sessions on Pretty Little Liars = aww! Deena + Pauly D hook-ups on Jersey Shore = eww! See the other top (and bottom) TV smooches… [Wetpaint]

You’ve heard of The Hunger Games, but have you ever heard of The Hunger Blogs? [HuffPost High School]

Victoria Justice, Kendall Jenner, Cody Simpson, Zendaya Coleman, the list is endless for the amount of stars who paid tribute to Whitney Houston… [J-14]

Although Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron are no longer an item, they still have one thing in common. (And no, it’s not Ashley Tisdale.) [Posh24]

Ladies love long-sleeved dresses. Katy Perry, Adele and Carrie Underwood all proved it on the Grammys red carpet!  [Hollywire]

Lea Michele may’ve not gotten a part in the Les Miserables movie, but she’s apparently in talks to star in another Broadway play-turned-movie! [Cambio]

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