8 So-Called “Kid Things” That You Still Love Today

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I Don't Want To Grow Up

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The irony of life is that you spend our entire childhood renouncing all things that are for kids and then end up loving those very things later on. One day, you’re trying on your mom’s heels that are wayyy too big for you, and the next, all you want is a lunchbox and a pair of rad overalls. It always happens — without fail! Like with these eight things that, like Trix, are for kids but you love anyway.

1. Naps. There’s nothing an overtired person would like more than the sweet comfort of a midday nap after snacktime.

I Wanna Take A Nap

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2. Cartoons. Cartoons made for kids, cartoons made for adults, you name it.

3. Candy. Your dentist knows all about your unrelenting sweet tooth.

4. Onesies. ENDLESS COMFORT?? Yes, please!



5. Blaming things on your parents. “Sorry, I can’t come to your party because I don’t want to my mom needs me to go shopping with her.”

I'm Innocent

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6. Disney Princesses. Can’t stop, won’t stop being obsessed with Disney and its leading ladies.

I Love Them

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7. Snow days. Especially ones that involve hot chocolate and lots and lots of marshmallows.

Oh Yes

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8. Movie day in class. This will never NOT be awesome.

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