10 So-Called “Kid Halloween Things” That You Still Love

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Who says that kids should have all of the fun on Halloween? We say that everyone should have a blast, even if that does involve doing a bunch of so-called kid things! Because, guess what? Everyone who just admits that these ten things are really, ridiculously fun will have a better holiday than those who don’t. It’s science.

1. Trick or treating. “So, you mean to tell me that you’ll give me all of that candy and all I have to worry about is…”

2. Dressing up. Costumes are 90% of the fun and you know it.

Halloween Costume

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3. Telling ghost stories. Older people like to pretend that they don’t believe in this stuff, but we know that it’s still all good fun.


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4. Watching Halloween marathons on Disney Channel. We’ll never give that up, no matter what.

5. Going to the pumpkin patch with your whole family. Yes, please and thank you.

6. Making Jack-o-lanterns. It’s practically MANDATORY that you make at least one per year.

Jack O Lantern Dancing

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7. Dressing in orange and black in the days leading up to it. If you aren’t in the Halloween spirit, then what are you even doing?

Mm I Look Good

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8. Baking Halloween-themed treats. It’s a combination of two of the world’s greatest things.

9. Covering your house in scary decorations. You secretly revel in the Halloweens when your house is the spookiest on the block.

10. Entering costume competitions. In which you dominate everyone else.

Oh It's On

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