Kid Cudi: From Rapper to Rock Star

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Kid Cudi became mainstream when his hip hop mixed tapes made their rounds on the web, but now he’s bored of the music that made him famous.

Cudi told MTV: “I just really get more fulfillment out of singing now. I’m teaching myself the guitar, that’s my new found love. I never thought that I could play an instrument. Picked it up, surprised myself. It’s been two and a half months, I’m already starting my next project. It’s a rock album, I’m doing a band with [producer] Dot [da Genius] called Wizard.”

If Cudi’s collaboration with Kanye is any indication, the rapper will have a successful transition to the rock star airwaves. He has some choice words about Yeezy, though.

“I’m just over rapping, I don’t get any fulfillment out of it anymore,” Kid Cudi told MTV News. “I just don’t get fulfillment out of writing a 16, that’s why you never really hear me on Kanye joints like that. Well, for two reason; he’s f—ing dope, and I’m not gon’ be rapping on ‘Ye records and getting bodied all the time. Number two, I’m just not passionate about it. I’m more passionate when he be like ‘Yo Cudi, come up with a hook or something.’ He asks me to put verses down and sh– but I try to procrastinate or disappear or something.”