20 Kick-Butt Movie Females Who Prove You Can Be Your Own Hero

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There was this song we used to love back in the day — you know, back in 2001 — called “Cinderella.” Don’t know if you’ve ever heard it, but it goes something like, “I don’t wanna be like Snow White waiting for a handsome prince to come and save me on a horse of white unless we’re riding side by side. Don’t want to depend on no one else; I’d rather rescue myself.” It was very girl power-y at the time. ANYWAY, a little tangent there, that’s exactly what we’re reminded of at this very moment as it’s National Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month.

Courtesy of our friends at The Weinstein Company, we got to take part in a self-defense class specifically built around this very month, as well as the release of… Vampire Academy! Just like Zoey Deutch‘s character, we were trained to kick butt against “Strigoi” in an hour-long session at St. Vladimir’s Anderson Martial Arts Academy in NYC. And it. Was. AWESOME. (Click here for a short video from our session. Spectacular, we know.)

In celebration, we’re honoring 20 female movie characters who prove that you don’t need someone’s help to kick major bootay; you can be your own hero: