Kian Lawley’s Most Awkward Breakup Isn’t What You Think at All

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Kiandrea was like the YouTube edition of a fairy tale. From the time Kian Lawley & Andrea Russett were first linked in 2013 until their eventual breakup in June 2014, they were the epitome of #relationshipgoals. Actually, even after the split, considering that, in December 2015, he posted a video titled, “Kissing My Ex Girlfriend,” WITH Andrea! Sure, that didn’t signify a romantic reunion, but, clearly, they remained part of each other’s lives.

BUT, there is one small thing that tainted everyone’s ideas about their relationship: he may or may not have hooked up with her now-EX-best friend. AWKWARD!

At the time, rumors began swirling that the famed YouTube couple called it quits because of fellow YouTube star (and former Teen.com host) Jenn McAllister (a.k.a. jennxpenn). For one, Andrea and Jenn stopped being friends all of a sudden. Also, Andrea responded to a question online, saying, “When ur ex f*cks ur ex-best friend LOL relatable.” Like… what/who else could she be talking about??

So, you’d think with all that drama in his past that Kian would consider the whole love-triangle debacle to be his most awkward breakup. But, guess what, folks? It isn’t; it actually dates back way before he even entered the YT sphere. He told us himself during promo for his new movie, Before I Fall (while drinking a smoothie, natch)!

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“Most awkward breakup? You know, I’ve only had a couple girlfriends,” the 21-year-old Internet sensation begins to explain. “So, my most awkward breakup, I think, was my first girlfriend. It was in the 7th grade, going into 8th grade. And, she didn’t break up with me; she got her friend to break up with me. I was playing, like, dodgeball or something out on the field, and at the time, I wasn’t feeling the connection between me and this girl. Then, one day, one of her friends came up to me and was like, ‘Yeah, she doesn’t want to be with you anymore.’ And I thought, ‘Ugh, dang it… Okay, I’ll see you in math class.’ It was that sort of thing. But that was the most awkward because she didn’t even do it herself; it was her friend.”

“Yeah, it was really weird,” he continues. “Because you develop something with that person and you’re sort of sharing friends and classes, and where you hang out and stuff. So, we broke up and her friends were still my friends, and my friends were still her friends. We still had some of the same classes. So, yeah, it was really awkward.”

Before I Fall hits theaters on Friday, March 3.
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