All Signs Are Pointing to the Fact That One Adorable YouTube Couple Broke Up

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Coachella 2017 was an amazing time for thousands, but it may have marked the end of one famous relationship. Kian Lawley and Meredith Mickelson both attended the music festival (separately, BTW) and looked to be having tons of fun, but by the time the lights turned out fans noticed that something bad happened between the two.

It all started when the 17-year-old was tagged in a video that showed the 21-year-old with his arm around Stella Hudgens during a Coachella performance.

Meredith saw the notification, liked the post and promptly unfollowed the YouTube star on Instagram and Twitter. The girl then ~suspiciously~ posted a picture with a shirtless model, disabled the comments and then eventually deleted the photo.

Instagram (@meredithmickelson)

Instagram (@meredithmickelson)

We’re not sure if it was the fact the model unfollowed him, or posted the photo with Matthew Noszka, but Kian eventually also decided to remove Meredith from his ‘following’ list.

Unfollowing each other on social media doesn’t necessarily mean KL and MM are broken up, but based on evidence we’ve seen in the past, we don’t think it’s looking too good for the couple…and fans agree!

Do you think Kian and Meredith are over? Tell us your thoughts below!

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