How an on-Set Accident Hilariously Left a YouTube Star with a Bruised Butt

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YouTubers are taking over the entertainment industry. Some are leaving their bedrooms to become huge music stars, others are becoming movie actors and then there are those like Kian Lawley and JC Caylen who now have multiple small-screen shows under their belts! The YT besties currently appear in their very own comedy series called H8TERS on Fullscreen, and we recently got a chance to talk to them about what goes on behind the scenes.

The 21- and 24-year-old play heightened versions of themselves — extremely famous and successful YouTube creators who are worried about their fame fading away — and also Zweeb and Frank, who are basically their biggest haters. Sounds fun right?! The boys definitely think so, but they said it’s also a lot of hard work.

“Sometimes we’d have to leave at four in the morning to get to the set by five,” JC told us. “We were working probably about five or six days a week for about three weeks, and they’re about 12-hour days. So yeah, it was really hard but it was really fun.”

The lack of sleep was rough for a lot of reasons (“[One time] we were supposed to be on stage screaming into a whole crowd of people but it was the first thing we filmed and it was like six in the morning and were supposed to be all energetic on stage and stuff,” Kian recalled), but mostly because it sometimes caused things to go wrong.

JC explained, “There was this time where Frank, which is Kian, where he had to run to a security guard and security had to pick him up and by his shirt or something, but he dropped him and he like landed on his ass. Everyone was like, ‘Are you okay?!!’ Like, ‘Oh my god oh my god!'”

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“Yeah my ass is still hurting from that,” KL continued.

“I remember the next day he said his butt check was bruised and sore,’ the curly haired guy added.

This wasn’t the first time the Before I Fall actor got hurt while working with his best friend, however.

“I ripped off half my hair with a waxing strip and it didn’t grow back for like 5 months,” Kian said. “We also did a video with each other where we tackled each other as football players in public and I got tackled on the cement and I ripped up my knee and my hand and elbow.”

The struggle is real!! You can watch the boys in H8TERS by subscribing to Fullscreen HERE

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