Every Kian Lawley Controversy the YouTuber Wishes We Would Forget About

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kian lawley controversies

YouTube (Superkian13)

Hannah Montana had it right when she said that everyone makes mistakes. But just because we all have those days doesn’t mean we should keep making mistakes again and again and again — we should learn from them. That’s something YouTubers like Logan Paul really need to think about. Posting footage of a dead body on the Internet is bad enough, but then doing the same thing a couple of weeks later with a dead rat? Come on, think a little!

Although he hasn’t done anything quite on that scale, Kian Lawley has racked up a lot of scandals of his own. The 22-year-old YouTuber has made headlines multiple times — in the worst ways — which you’d think would scare him straight. But if you’ve been following along with the production of The Hate U Give, then you know he messed up yet again.

So how did he get to this point? Let’s take a journey…