One Move has Fans Questioning if This Former YouTube Pair is Back Together

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When celebrity couples break up, there are almost always reunion rumors at some point in time. For the most part, however, they always end up being false. But what’s a sure fire way to get people questioning if you’re actually back together with your ex? Posting a freakin’ video of you two kissing!

YouTube stars and former power couple Kian Lawley and Andrea Russett had quite a nasty breakup back in June 2014, and while Kiandrea fans have been begging for the pair to move past their differences for months, it really didn’t seem like that was going to happen. Until now, that is. The 20-year-old O2L member basically broke the effing Internet earlier today when he uploaded a video titled, “Kissing My Ex Girlfriend.” *GASP*



In the video, both Kian and Andrea address the fact that filming together again is super awkward (umm…do you blame them?!) and that they are NOT dating currently. Buuuuut you know the drill — Kiandrea shippers aren’t buying it and think they’re on the verge of a romantic reunion!

We don’t know…after watching the video, the whole dynamic between the pair was definitely awk, but we guess time will tell! Watch the whole video and see what you think!

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