Since The Tristan Scandal, Khloe Kardashian’s Been Living in “Hell”

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When the news first surfaced that Tristan Thompson had allegedly cheated with multiple women just days before Khloe Kardashian gave birth, we knew things would be challenging for her. Unfortunately, challenging doesn’t seem to cover the half of it because a source recently told E! News that the 33-year-old reality star is currently “living in her own personal hell.”

Since the birth of their daughter True Thompson on April 12th, there’s been a ton of speculation about whether or not Khloe and Tristan would try to make things work for the sake of their family. Right now, it seems that Khloe is still unsure about what’s in the cards for the new parents, and she just wants to do what’s best for her daughter.

khloe Kardashian Living in Hell Since Tristan Thompson Scandal

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Remy Martin

The source said, “Khloe is taking it one day at a time with Tristan. She is glad he is helping her out with True, but she has also been spending a lot of alone time reflecting. They don’t speak much about the situation, and Khloe feels like she is living in her own personal hell. The only thing keeping her happy right now is True and the support from her family. Everyone is ready for her to come home and thinks it will give her more peace. Tristan has desperately been trying to keep Khloe happy and make their relationship work, but she thinks it’s too far done.”

Although there have been sources that have said Khloe’s been trying to make things work with Tristan, it’s become clear that her family isn’t crazy about that idea. Just recently, Kim Kardashian appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and called the entire situation “so f**ked up.” Well, she’s not wrong!

Kim may have been the only one to speak publicly about the scandal so far, but the E! News source also confirmed that no one in the Kardashian family is currently on speaking terms with the basketball player. Regardless, the source added that “they all are going to support whatever Khloe decides but have lost all respect for Tristan.” Honestly… who hasn’t?