Kendall Jenner & Harry Styles’ Dating Status Just Got Really Effing Confusing

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Hendall 2.0: the new Jelena, aka the most confusing couple ever. Despite going on a romantic New Year’s vacation together to start 2016, no one was 100 perfect sure what Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner’s actual relationship status was. Some people assumed they were definitely a couple again, while others were sure they were simply hooking up but not taking things too seriously. And now, Kendall’s sibling Khloe Kardashian has weighed in on her little sister’s born-again flame, but actually ended up making things even more confusing.

In an interview with ET, the 31 year old confirmed that she thinks Harry and Kendall are dating, but doesn’t know if it’s that serious.

“Do I think they’re dating? Yes,” she said. “I don’t know if they’re like boyfriend-girlfriend. Nowadays I don’t know. People are weird with stuff. So, I don’t know their title. But I mean, they were in St. Barts together hanging out, so to me that’s dating. I would call that dating, [but] I don’t know what they are. You know, you have the have ‘the talk’ [and] I don’t know if they’ve had that talk yet.”

Sooo…Khloe thinks they’re dating, but she doesn’t known if they’re actually dating. Okay; let’s break this down. Kendall’s older sister basically confirmed the news that we all expected — the pair’s tropical vacay was more than just two pals innocently hanging out. But while there were definitely romantic feelings happening on the boat in St. Barts, Kendall and Harry have not had ‘the talk’ to discuss if they’re exclusive or not. Only time will tell if Hendall 2.0 decide to take things to the next level, or if they’ll forever peak at being young and carefree.

Get even more details about Harry and Kendall’s New Year’s getaway:

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