The Key of Awesome Parodies One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful”

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So obvs we are huge fans of One Direction. We’ve loved Harry, Zayn, Louis, Niall and Liam ever since we first watched them perform together on X-Factor, and when they put out the music video for one of our all-time fave songs, “What Makes You Beautiful”, we were pretty much hooked for life! So when The Key of Awesome made fun of the boys via a parody “WMYB” cover… we were pretty torn between laughing and yelling at them for making fun of our boys!

In the mock music video, The Key of Awesome does a good job copying 1D’s vid, down to the beach set, hair, and outfits. Then they start singing and, well… we’re not huge fans of their new lyrics. Take a look…

There are a few funny lines, like when they make fun of the stuttering in the song, and when they argue of which one of them will be the Justin Timberlake of the group. But some are just offensive…

“Baby we make real bands go home and slit their wrists, we are the seventh sign of the apocalypse, we’re running now ’cause we don’t know what water is, you don’t know, oh oh, you don’t know we’re terrible,” they sing in the song’s chorus.

What do you think, directioners? Is this parody hilarious or just plain cruel? Are we overreacting that it’s kinda mean?

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