This High School Senior Slayed His Yearbook Photo and We’re SHOOK

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Wow, you guys! ICYMI, the Internet is going CRAZY over a yearbook photo — yes, a yearbook photo — and it’s not hard to tell why.

High school senior Kevin Kodra took to Instagram to share his photo, which is probably the most beautiful graduation pictures of all time. Why? Because he woke up in the middle of the night to do his makeup and the result was absolutely FLAWLESS. See?

We know you’re completely mesmerized by the photo, but the caption was equally as epic. Kevin wrote, “I couldn’t even get my A’s straight. In honour of my 18th birthday, here’s my senior photo. Really though, 17 was a wild year. I made memories that I’ll never forget. Thank you to everyone who was by my side every single day… ps. Can y’all stop with the James Charles comparisons, we’re literally two different people. It’s not fair to either of us.”

In case you forgot, beauty guru James Charles rose to fame due to similar circumstances. After being unsatisfied with his initial yearbook photos, he emailed the photographer asking if he could retake the photo using his ring light in order to make his highlighter pop. Still, it’s important to Kevin that he doesn’t get compared to James because, like he said, they’re two different people. Plus, he worked super hard and deserves a ton of credit for going full glam!

Kevin spoke to about the look, which took 3-4 hours to achieve. He said, “All of my yearbook pictures were really bad, like really bad. I either had a bad breakout or bad hair color (because I went through a lot of hair color stages), and it was just really bad. So I said, let me just go all out. Let me do what I love doing the most: glam bronzy looks.” WOW!

He also shared a little inspo for all of the men out there who love makeup as much as he does. He said, “A man in makeup is normal. I want my positive experience with my identity to become normal and break the stigma against not only men in makeup but also one’s sexuality and identity. And I wanted to have my final hurrah in high school. I wanted to have my makeup on full-glam so that I could [send the message to] people to do whatever you want.” What an ICON!