This Jonas Brother CLEARLY Didn’t Think His New Baby’s Name Through

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The good news? Kevin and Danielle Jonas are now the parents to TWO little girls, welcoming their second daughter to the world yesterday. YAY!! The bad news? It doesn’t look like the couple completely fleshed out the little girl’s name, because they seemingly missed a major uh-oh.

Valentina Angelina Jonas was born yesterday afternoon, joining 2-year-old big sister Alena Rose and the rest of the Jonas family. But while we’re super happy for Kev and Dani, we just have to ask one question — did they NOT realize their new addition’s initials were going to be VAJ?? Like, it’s better than if her last name was Gosling, but still; no bueno.

But despite Valentina’s ~interesting~ monogram, the entire Jonas family is obviously BEYOND excited about the little bundle of joy.

“We are so excited to welcome our new baby girl, Valentina Angelina Jonas to the world today,” the parents told People magazine. “She is healthy and beautiful and we couldn’t be happier!”

Uncles Nick and Joe Jonas expressed their excitement about becoming uncles for the second time over social media.

Kevin also thanked everyone who sent him and his wife love and support as their little family grew.

We’re so happy for Kev and Dani, but they couldn’t think of a different middle name?! Poor thing.


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