Kevin & Danielle Jonas Welcome Baby Girl Alena Rose

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Twitter (@Dreft)Congratulations are in order for Kevin and Danielle Jonas — the first of the JoBro babies is here! Say hello to… Alena Rose.

On the morning of Super Bowl(!) Sunday, the eldest of the JB men let the world know that his little girl was ready to make her debut, tweeting "#babyjonas is on the way!! Follow @dreft for all the updates!!!!!!!!! It's showtime #thisisnotadrill." One hour later, he added, "I'm so excited #BabyJonasIsComing."

Then it got a bit… TMI. Around 11:45a ET, over two hours after his original tweet, Joe and Nick's older brother filled the public in on the status of the precious cargo:

So many possible things to say about this one tweet. For one, the term "we're" doesn't really apply here, since it's not exactly a team effort in that arena. Danielle should be the one carrying all the load, so Kevin should NOT take ANY credit. Secondly, if your wife's giving birth to your child, you better not be in the corner with your cell phone live-tweeting about it! Some fans are saying it's to 'let his family know' what's going on, but true family would either be waiting patiently in the hospital for the news, or sitting by their phones at home; not reading about it on his Twitter.

But that's just our opinion on the matter. Tell us, what do you think of the Twitter updates? Was it all a bit TMI, or are you happy that Kevin filled you in on all the details? Make sure to leave all your comments and congratulatory messages below!

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