musical.ly Guy Tells Fellow Internet Stars to Commit Suicide as Part of a ~Joke~

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Oh boy, it looks like one of your problematic faves is doing what he does best: being problematic. Over the weekend, Kevin Bojorquez, who achieved ~fame~ via musical.ly, thought it’d be really funny to tell two of his fellow social media stars, YouTuber Jordyn Jones (a.k.a. Stepsgirl) and Muser Brandon Westenberg, to commit suicide.

It all started when the 17-year-old dancing beauty tweeted fans in Holland, asking what she and her 15-year-old boyfriend (who turns 16 tomorrow) should do while in the area:

The 17-year-old problematic Muser unhelpfully responded in a since-deleted tweet, saying, “I’ve heard of this thing where you tie a tope to the top of a tree and your neck and then jump. It sounds fun, you guys should def try it.”

Don’t worry, guys (she types, sarcastically) — it’s only a joke:

You know who wasn’t having any of this so-called joke? Brandon. He said:

But Kevin wasn’t done:

Considering all the other drama in Kev’s life — like leaking a video of Tyler Brown smoking weed, then getting his own nudes leaked — we’re not all that surprised by the latest events.
Jordyn & Brandon, plus nine other couples that met because of musical.ly: