Underage Musical.ly Star Did Drugs More Than Once… & it Was All Caught on Tape

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Instagram (@tylerbrown)

Instagram (@tylerbrown)

Earlier this week Fifth Harmony member Lauren Jauregui was given a citation after being caught with marijuana at a Washington, D.C., airport. The second weed-related story of the week comes at us thanks to Kevin Bojorquez, a musical.ly star who recently leaked a video of another Muser (and his former friend) smoking pot.

The 17-year-old posted videos of 14-year-old app superstar Tyler Brown puffing cannabis on two separate occasions. Apparently, his motive for ~exposing~ the teen was because Tyler blocked him on social media without any explanation. Classic.

Shortly after the young teen realized what the older teen had done, he began sending some pretty aggressive text messages, all of which were screen-shotted by the latter and posted on Twitter. The tweet has since been deleted.

Instagram (@exposingfavcelebs)

Instagram (@exposingfavcelebs)

But wait! It didn’t end there. TYLER then posted a picture that Kevin allegedly uploaded to his private Instagram account that showed him holding marijuana himself. Even though the teen tried to play the whole thing off as NBD, he was clearly super affected and wrote a few tweets about his thoughts:

“I think my mom is going to delete my social media and I’m going to be grounded for like ever and i just wanted to say ilyg and yeah… I’m f*cking crying so much I’m so sorry y’all…whatever happens just thank you for everything and again ily all and I’m soo sorry. To the friends that actually texted me asking if I’m alright I love you so much you mean the world to me and thank you for everything. And to all of you guys saying you still are by my side after all this and trying to help through it all thank u all so f*ckin much. I never knew I could cry so much wtf.”

*covers eyes*

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