New Ke$ha Track, “Tease Me” Leaks! Is It Her New Single?

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We haven’t gotten new stuff from Ke$ha since that “Blow” music video featuring James van der Beek and lots of unicorns, but we think we’ll forgive Ke-dollar sign-ha just this once. Because her song “Tease Me” just leaked on the internet and, yeah, it’s totes gonna be our Summer ’11 anthem. Sure, it sounds like it was literally ripped right off of Britney Spears’ “Femme Fatale” or something, but whatever. Those pop stars share similar-sounding-songs like they do hookup buddies, right?!

So, is “Tease Me” Ke$ha’s new single?!

We don’t know, but hey, it’s possible! Take a listen to the song below:

What do you think of “Tease Me?” Should it be Ke$ha’s next single? Or do you think it was just a song that was scrapped from her album? Tell us in the comments!