Ke$ha’s New Song, “Shots On The Hood Of My Car” Might As Well Be Off Katy Perry’s Album, “Teenage Dream”

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Say what you will about Ke$ha and her abuse of autotune and glitter, but girl’s songs are dayum catchy. Right?! Especially Ke$ha’s newest song that just leaked called “Shots on the Hood Of My Car.” Sounds kind of trailer-park esque upon one glance at the title, but we promise, one listen and you’ll be hooked. And maybe want to do the same. JK. Don’t drink and drive, kids!

And is it just us or would this song fit in perfectly with Katy Perry‘s carefree teenage-themed summer anthem album, “Teenage Dream?”

Take a listen…

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What do you think of “Shots On the Hood Of My Car?” Can you see Katy Perry singing it, too? Tell us what you think of the song in the comments!