Kentucky High School Sports Teams Banned from Post-Game Handshakes

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The latest school bans are getting a little ridiculous in our opinion. While we can understand educational facilities taking away the ability to ride their monuments like a wrecking ball, the prohibition of handshaking seems to go a little too far.

According to FOX News, that’s what’s happening over in Kentucky as the state’s High School Athletic Association has deemed the activity as detrimental to children’s safety. In regards to sports, anyway. KY’s “athletic sanctioning body has ordered high schools not to conduct post-game handshakes in all sports following more than two dozen physical confrontations the past three years.”

HOWEVER, KHSAA Commissioner Julian Tackett says the order “stops short of being a rule,” meaning teams can choose to ignore the order. BUT, he adds “that if you choose to do it, you’d better be able to manage it. There’s no penalty for doing it, but if you don’t do it right, you’re going to held accountable.”

This comes just after the news that a middle school on Long Island, NY banned a majority of physical activities during recess, including hard balls, tag and cartwheels. WHAT GOES ON??

Well, At Least This School’s Doing Things Right