Footloose’s Kenny Wormald Totally Digs Chris Brown and LMFAO. Hey, Us Too! (Exclusive Interview)

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If you have no idea who Kenny Wormald is, you clearly haven’t seen the millions of movie posters slash commercials for Footloose with his sexy self plastered all over ‘them. But you’re about to get to know Kenny a whole lot better after reading our exclusive interview with him, where we chatted about filling the dancing shoes of Kevin Bacon (super high pressure) and working with the ridiculously gorgeous Julianne Hough.

Plus, we asked Kenny about his fave songs to dance to, and turns out we’re basically music twinsies. Check out the exclusive Q&A sesh below!

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Teen: SO, this role is HUGE! How’d you get involved with it?

Kenny Wormald: Well, I got a call for an audition and I was aware that the other guys who were on board before me, Zac Efron and Chace Crawford, were doing it and at the time I remember thinking, “Well, damn, how am I gonna do that?” And once I got the opportunity to go in for an audition, I thought it was the perfect match. I thought if I tackle this the right way, there’s definitely a chance that I could be the guy.

Teen.com: How much pressure did you feel to try to live up to the original?

KW: I felt a bit nervous because I knew how iconic the original was and I love the original. I think it was amazing! I knew the impact it had on that generation, so I was like, “Okay. Well, we can’t screw this up.” Kevin Bacon, this was his career-setting role so I knew there was a lot of pressure. But the director really took a lot of the pressure off and put it on his own back, and just allowed us to do what we were there to do.

Teen.com: Since you’re a professional dancer, we’re pretty sure filming Footloose was a piece of cake. But were there any scenes that were actually really difficult to film?

KW: Yeah, there’s the iconic angry dance scene in the original when Kevin was dancing in the factory just venting and going crazy. That was physically very demanding. As far as the dance steps, it was easy but there was more than dancing in it. There was running around, jumping over things, breaking things, and falling off of things. I don’t wanna give too much away, but it was definitely the most physical and difficult thing that we had to do as far as the dancing.

Teen.com: Were you ever injured on set?

KW: I luckily wasn’t. I got sick one day, but that wasn’t an injury. That was just a little cold.

Teen.com: Is there a dance move that you still have trouble perfecting?

KW: I don’t know. Actually, you know what? Julianne9Hough) comes from the ballroom world and I have never tried to tackle the ballroom world because it’s pretty insanely fast and quick movement and something I’ve never done. So, I’ve never perfected the ballroom thing. Everything else I feel like I can handle. That ballroom stuff scares me!

Teen.com: It would scare us, too! What advice do you have for teens who may be too scared to get up and dance at a party?
KW: It’s tough. I would say the only way to get over that fear is just to freakin’ do it. Just jump out there and try to go for it. I promise that once you do get on the floor, you will feel a lot better than sitting on the sidelines.

Teen.com: Do you have any lines to get a girl to dance with you?

KW: I think if you know the girl and you’re in high school together or whatever I say just go up there and grab her hand. Not aggressively! Just go up, take a risk, take a chance, and go grab her hand. She’s either gonna stay seated down or she’ll get up and dance with you! 50-50 chance!

Teen: Good advice! What songs that are on the radio now do you love dancing to?

KW: All of Chris Brown’s new stuff is great. There’s a song called “Look At Me Now” that I totally dig.

Teen: Love that song!

KW: Yeah it’s amazing. And that “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO. They play that at the club and everyone gets up. You can’t really not dance to that song.

Teen.com: Agreed! Do you have any other non-dancing related projects coming up?

KW: Well there’s a few that I’ve gotten some offers on. No deals have been sealed yet, but I look forward to continue to do films. I’m sure I’ll have a solid answer for you next time we talk.

Footloose is in theaters now (finally)! Do you wanna see it? Have you seen the original? Do you think this one will be just as good? Sound off in the comments!