Even More Confirmation That a Big Time Rush Reunion is Happening!

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It’s happening, you guys. A Big Time Rush reunion is freakin’ happening! Okay…so mayyyyybe we don’t have all the details on the band reconvening for the first time in years, but after talking to Kendall Schmidt, we think it’s safe to say it’s definitely in the works.

As many of you Rushers remember, James Maslow confirmed that “there’s a possibility that [the group] might sing together again sometime in the future,” but it kinda seemed like wishful thinking. But after we hung out with the blond-haired cutie at his Ride of Fame induction ceremony last week, it seems that the gears are finally turning. In fact, Kendall recently met with both Logan Henderson and Carlos PenaVega to discuss “business.” Umm…ohhhkayy… What type of business could you mean, Ken?

To hear more about the 25-year-old singer’s plans for getting BTR back together, his music with Heffron Drive and more, check out our exclusive interview below!