Kendall Schmidt’s Heffron Drive Solo Tour Set For Documentary Treatment

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If you've been hoping for a Big Time Rush reunion any time soon — we wouldn't get too excited. Although, there is some news that is pretty awesome for 1/4th of the popular band! Deadline is reporting that Kendall Schmidt's upcoming Heffron Drive solo tour will be chronicled for an upcoming documentary film.

Kendall will be producing the film along with Garret Grant who has also worked on films such as Hairspray, Rock of Ages, and the upcoming Justin Bieber: Believe. The doc will chronicle Kendall's first foray into the solo(ish) world as he tours with Heffron Drive over 20 different dates.

Opening up about the situation, Kendall said, "It’s awesome to have Garret along to document this crazy time in my life,” Schmidt says. “It’s scary, it’s new, but it’s a really special moment, debuting Heffron Drive, heading out on tour and reuniting with all the amazing fans. It’s all I’ve ever wanted.”

If this news is bittersweet, don't get too down, as it's mentioned that Kendall will make himself for any available BTR reunions, so it's not like he's walking away entirely. Phew!

Not too many other details (such as release date) are known at the time.

What do YOU think of this news? Will you see the Heffron Drive tour movie? Tell us in the comments!

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