Kendall Schmidt’s Dating Timeline is Full of Female Celebs You Know & Love

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Big Time Rush’s Kendall Schmidt may have had a really awkward first kiss, but now the 25-year-old hunk Heffron Drive singer has become quite the ladies’ man! When asked about his celebrity crush (which seems to be a question people love to ask the heartthrob — everyone is just trying to play matchmaker!), he told some sources that he’s got his eye on pop star Katy Perry, others that he loves Angelina Jolie, and some that the girl of his dreams is really New Girl‘s Zooey Deschanel. Who can blame him though? Hollywood is full of lovely ladies.

Kendall isn’t just a hopeless romantic pining after women he can’t have (come on, Katy, Angie & Zooey are all taken) — he’s also gotten the chance to actually date some young up-and-coming actresses that you already know and love! His first date was one of your favorite Pretty Little Liars and he’s rumored to have dated co-stars, models and musicians alike. Check out the gallery below to see which young stars KS has been lucky enough to be romantically linked!