27 of the Most Inappropriate Tweets Big Time Rush Fans Sent Kendall Schmidt

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Thought Big Time Rush fans’ tweets to James Maslow were cringe-worthy? Just wait until you see the s*** they came up with for Kendall Schmidt..

If there’s one thing Rushers have proven over the course of us uncovering all these ~incredible~ notes, it’s that no matter how long their fave group stays on hiatus, their dedication will never falter. Like, EVER!

1. Well, that’s one way to start a conversation…

2. Sounds sanitary:

3. Oh.

4. And we want $1 million.

5. Let’s not!

6. You went there!


8. This isn’t something you ask a stranger!

9. Wooooow.

10. Nope.

11. This is just straight up DISGUSTING.

12. Thanks for the info.

13. How do you know?


15. Let’s not…

16. WHY!?!?

17. They’re friends!

18. *covers eyes*

19. Oh….

20. WELP.

21. And there it is.

22. Let’s not!

23. There are so many other questions to ask someone!

24. No thanks.

25. Wow how sweet!

26. YIKES!

27. Nothing like good ol’ bluntness:

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