Kendall and Kylie Interview The Entire Glee Cast And We’re So Jeal (Video)

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It doesn’t suck to be a Kardashian/Jenner. Because when Kendall and Kylie aren’t hanging out with their famous gorgeous family, they’re interviewing the cast of Glee. But no. Really. Apparently Ryan Seacrest was off on the day of the Glee movie premiere and he handed the mic over to the Jenner girls to do the question asking. And the interview is funny and all, but just you wait until you see them rapping with Darren Criss and Cory Monteith

Watch the vid! It’s long but so freakin’ worth it.

What’d you think of the vid? Think Kendall and Kylie are good interviewers? Which Glee star do you want to interview most? Tell us in the comments!