Kylie & Kendall’s New Bag Sparks More Cries of Cultural Appropriation

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Kendall and Kylie Jenner just can’t seem to catch a break. Once again, the duo’s being called out and dragged through the mud for appropriating yet another culture. You would think the reality stars would’ve learned the first (or second… or tenth) time around!

Earlier this year, the youngest members of the Kardashian clan were called out for disrespecting Biggie Smalls, TuPac and a bunch of other iconic musicians, then the sisters were dragged for ripping off Chola culture and now the duo have garnered some backlash for appropriating Chinese culture.

The sisters recently debuted a leather clutch, inspired by Chinese takeout boxes with the words “KK Express, Los Angeles, CA,” along with a picture of a tiger stamped on the side, to their ever growing klothing kollection.

To add more insult to injury, Kylie and Kendall named the small white handbag the “Lee Leather Clutch” and, understandably, the whole thing just rubbed a ton and we mean A TON of people the wrong way.

One Twitter user questioned if Kylie and Kendall were trying to piss off another race, while another called out the two for being tone deaf:

Even though they were receiving quite the backlash for their latest fashion piece, Twitter user Alicia George tried to give the girls some sound advice on how to avoid their next scandal:

As many continued to voiced their opinion on the inappropriate handbag, one user pointed out that Kate Spade also designed a similar bag to this one back in 2014. Sooooo, not only are the girls being called out for their inappropriate cultural appropriation, they’re also receiving backlash for being unoriginal as well:

Maybe Kylie and Kendall should go through multiple rounds of approvals before finally releasing their products. But then again, controversy follows the Kardashian-Jenners wherever they go, so who really knows if taking extra precautions would help out their cause, you know?