Foreign Magazine Has the Worst Excuse for Putting Kendall Jenner on Its Cover

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Vogue is really starting to piss people off. Following the backlash surrounding Vogue Arabia‘s first-ever cover star, Gigi Hadid, Vogue India is facing its own share of criticism for its May 2017 cover girl, Kendall Jenner, who just so happens to be the aforementioned supermodel’s best friend.

In the case of the blue-eyed beauty’s controversy, the public felt that the 22-year-old only speaks about her Palestinian background when it benefits her (i.e. when it helps her book a magazine cover). As for the brunette beauty’s controversy, it stems from the fact that this is a very important issue for Vogue India — it’s the kickoff to the glossy publication’s 10th anniversary celebrations; a 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition — and Kendall’s, well… definitely NOT Indian. Like… what happened to all of the beautiful Indian women that could’ve been on the cover? That’s what the Internet’s asking rn:

But wait — Vogue India has an excuse. “Let’s talk about our May 2017 cover with @KendallJenner,” the magazine began in a caption on Instagram. “Following all the talk about our cover, we felt that a few clarifications were in order.” Here’s the accompanying image:

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According to the outlet, there’s no need for criticism — despite the words “10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition” emblazoned on the cover, it’s not the anniversary issue. The “actual” 10th anniversary is October 2017. Therefore, quit your bellyaching!

So far, KJ’s yet to respond… but, then again, she never posted the cover on any of her pages anyway, so she probably DGAF. Considering her lack of response to her controversial Pepsi ad, we’re not surprised.
Kendall Jenner’s not the only star to participate in a controversial advert: