The Picture That Has People Thinking Kendall Jenner is Doing Cocaine

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Out of all the Kardashian/Jenner sisters, Kendall Jenner is perhaps the least problematic of the bunch. But just because the supermodel typically keeps clear of controversies (besides, ya know, when she dates one of the biggest singers in the world) doesn’t mean she’s completely immune to drama.

The 20-year-old found herself involved with some hardcore dramz over the weekend when she ~innocently~ posted a picture on Snapchat of “the cutest little Ziploc baggie [she has] ever seen.”


While Kendall obviously thought nothing of the Snap, the world was basically in shock as the “cutest little Ziploc baggie” actually turns out to be what many people use to hold cocaine.

KJ swiftly deleted the picture from her Snapchat story, but fans obviously got screenshots and the image quickly made its rounds online. But even though many people are convinced the brunette beauty ~accidentally~ showed off her drug baggie, others aren’t so sure and want people to know that many other things can come in small plastic bags.

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