Kendall Jenner Thought a Burglar Stole Her S*it… But it Was One of Her Friends!

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In early October 2016, a group of armed men broke into Kim Kardashian‘s Paris hotel room, tied her up and stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry, all while she begged for her life. Her family was by her side in the weeks that followed the traumatic incident, but now it’s time for the 36-year-old to support her younger sister, Kendall Jenner, at a similar time of need.

According to TMZ, the 21-year-old actress called the cops at around 1:15 this morning after she noticed $200,000 worth of jewelry was missing from her bedroom. While the supermodel told authorities she thought someone had broken in while she wasn’t home, law enforcement sources say what actually happened is much more disturbing — the theft was done by one of her friends.

Apparently, KJ had a party with a group of friends on Wednesday night and left at around midnight, leaving them inside. She got back to her house about an hour later and noticed her jewelry box was opened and items were missing, which prompted her to call the cops.

Officers say there was no sign of forced entry and they are “certain” that whoever stole the jewelry knew exactly where the brunette kept the items.

It’s bad enough to have THOUSANDS of dollars worth of goods stolen from you house, but add that the theft was done by someone who you considered your friend and it becomes so much worse. Ugh; we can’t even imagine.

Kendall’s sister, Kim Kardashian, is just one celebrity who was a victim of a hotel-room robbery: