12 Times Other Celebrities Looked Shockingly Like Kendall Jenner

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Kendall Jenner is one of those gorgeous humans you have to stop and stare at. She has legs for days, perfectly straight jet-black hair and a face that many would kill for. But would you believe us if we told you that there’s more than a couple handfuls of other celebrities walking around with a similar-looking mug? It’s a tough concept to grasp, we know, but it’s true, we tell you!

To prove it to you, here are 12 times other famous stars looked shockingly like the 20-year-old model/Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality star:

Selena Gomez & Maia Mitchell — Last summer, one of most-talked-about discoveries was of Selena Gomez & Kendall Jenner’s love child. If you combine the two dark-haired beauties’ faces, you get The Fosters‘ Maia Mitchell! Imagine looking like not one, but TWO of the prettiest celebrities of the moment! God, lucky girl.

Kim Kardashian — Though you can find plenty of similarities between Kendall & Kylie Jenner, it’s far more fascinating to look at the resemblances between Kendall & Kim. (After all, half their DNA is different.) Kylie is basically the younger, taller, less curvy version of her older sister.

Victoria Justice — A lot of people on Twitter called out this pairing, and now we can’t unsee it!

Nina Dobrev — And, since there’s a likeness between Kendall & Victoria, that means there obviously have to be one between Kendall & the former Vampire Diaries actress ’cause she and VJ are clones.

Louisa Johnson — Last year’s winner of The X Factor is often referred to as the blonde Kendall Jenner. The fact that she can sing almost makes Louisa even better than KJ!

Emily Ratajkowski — The “Gone Girl” actress is far more chesty than Kenny, but sure, we can see it… if we squint.

Daisy Ridley — Although we can’t quite see the Emma Stone angle like this Twitter user, the Star Wars heroine as a combination of Emma Watson & Kendall seems spot-on!

Sandra Bullock — You just wait ’til Kendall’s in her 50s — it’ll be like the Academy Award-winning actress, reincarnated.

Lisa Jakub — Personally, it’s tough for us to see this one. But when more than a handful of people see the similarities between Kendall & the Mrs. Doubtfire child star, it’s hard to ignore. Okay, people, we heard you!

RJ MitteWe’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again — we didn’t think the Breaking Bad star looked any sort of alike to KJ… until we saw them side-by-side. Now, WHOA.

Cameron Boyce — Hahahahaha.

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