6 of Kendall Jenner’s Famous Friends Who Dated the Same Guy as She Did

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Everyone knows that it’s totally against the #GirlCode to date your friends’ exes. But everyone also knows that rules don’t apply to the Kardashian-Jenners… right? So, of course a certain someone (cough cough, Kendall Jenner) has been seen out and about with a variety of her BFFs’ ex-boyfriends over the past few years, and she doesn’t seem too apologetic about it (she’s even dating one of them RIGHT NOW). We’re not gonna put all the blame on the supermodel, though — many of her friends did the same thing right back!

Some celebrity pals might find dating each other’s exes to be awkward and a drama-starter, but a lot of them don’t seem to mind. Selena Gomez and her besties often hook up with the same dudes, and Taylor Swift pretty much invented this phenomenon. To each their own!

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