Kendall Jenner & Anwar Hadid Were Making Out, But They’re Not Dating

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Yes, Kendall Jenner and Anwar Hadid were caught making out at a CFDA Awards after-party in NYC earlier this week, but they are not dating. A source tells Entertainment Tonight that the models are “nothing serious” and are simply just two beautiful people having a good time.

“Anwar and Kendall are just having fun for now,” the source explains. “Both of them recently got out of relationships, and don’t want anything too serious.”

The insider continues, “Kendall is best friends with Anwar’s sisters, Gigi and Bella [Hadid], and she respects them tremendously. Kendall would never want to do anything to put her relationship with Anwar’s sisters in jeopardy. Kendall and Anwar have known each other for years and have always been flirtatious and this is just another sign of that. The two enjoy one another’s company and things could change, but for now, it’s nothing serious.”

So, what does this mean for Ben Simmons, the professional basketball player she has recently been linked to? They’re apparently still hanging out, but, again, aren’t trying to rush into full-blown commitment.

“Kendall has been out with Ben Simmons a few times and she likes him,” a source tells E! News. “They have mutual friends and have been getting to know each other over the last few weeks. He has been spending time in L.A. with her and has been to her house. They’ve hung out there and have been to dinner a few times.”

Kenny has been linked to many celebs in the past, but it’s important to remember that she’s only 22 years old and probably isn’t looking to settle down any time soon. Do ya thang, girl!