What Helped Kendall Jenner Come Out of Her Shell? Cheering!

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“Give me a K-E-N-D-A-L-L! What does that spell? Kendall!” Kendall Jenner that is, who is gracing the cover of American Cheerleader magazine’s May/June 2011 issue. Yup, beyond being the Kardashians’ little sis, she’s a regular girl who goes to High School. Just like us.

See what Kendall spilled to the mag about the sport!

On being a sporty girl: “I love sports. When I was little, I was the girl on every single sports team – volleyball, soccer, basketball, track – I did everything and now I cheer.”

On what she thought about cheerleaders: “As a little kid, I always looked up to cheerleaders and was like, ‘Oh my gosh, they’re so cool!'”

On how being a cheerleader has helped her: “I’ve always been the shy one in the family. Nobody expected me to do something like this – perform for people. Cheerleading’s helped me get out of my shell. Performing in front of so many people – sometimes thousands of people at homecoming – is crazy!”

What do you think about cheerleaders? Are you a cheerleader or hope to one day be one? Sound off in the comments!