Kelly Rutherford Tells Us Lily Van der Woodsen Is Really Not That Bad. Really! (Exclusive Interview)

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Lily van der Woodsen may be manipulative (and by manipulative we mean a biotch), but Kelly Rutherford promises that her Gossip Girl character does have good intentions. Selling your stepson’s company and putting an innocent man in jail to get your daughter into private school is just what any mom (or, uh, Upper East Side mom) would do, right?

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We chatted exclusively with Kelly at the NYC store, 25 Park, about Lily’s good intentions, why she’s really not that bad, and why “we all mess up.” Click on!

Kelly told us:

“I think Lily went into it thinking she was doing the right thing and trying to protect her kids…but I don’t think she went into it with malice at all. We all mess up.”

And what did Kelly think of her character’s latest storyline?

“I was shocked at first but then I realized Lily has a lot of integrity and she was really doing things for her kids even though it didn’t work out the way she thought.” Uh, ya think?

But, Kelly continued:

“I think that’s why a lot of people can relate to it, wanting to do the right thing. I think that’s what’s so wonderful about the show is that nobody is perfect.”

Amen, sister! Do you think Lily was wrong to do what she did? What do you think (and hope) will happen when Gossip Girl returns? Share below!