How Growing Up as a Dancer Brought Out This Disney Star’s Insecurities

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To say that we’re hardcore Disney fans is an understatement. From classic princess movies to Disney XD, we are always waiting to see what they come up with next. One of the most popular and longest-running shows on Disney XD is Lab Rats, which focuses on the lives of three bionic superhero siblings who try to blend in at high school. Not only did the show last for a total of four seasons, but it also received a spin-off called Lab Rats: Elite Force that combines characters from Lab Rats and Mighty Med. The show has been a huge success and we got to talk with Kelli Berglund, one of the bionic stars, all about starring on the network, meeting Selena Gomez, and the exciting new projects she has coming up.

While taking a break from filming Lab Rats: Elite Force, the 20-year-old used her time to star in the upcoming movie, Raising The Bar. Kelli’s character, Kelly, is an all-star gymnast who turns away from the sport after suffering a major fall during a competition. After moving with her mom to Australia, Kelly is faced with an opportunity to return to the sport she once loved, but it comes at a price. The beauty gave us all the info about her new flick and how her history of being a dancer helped her while filming.

not just a 1 trick pony y'all #RaisingTheBar

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“I was really excited when I first heard about the movie,” she said. “I’ve been saying for years that I wanted to do something where I can dance and show off that part of my life that was so important to me for so many years, and this was my chance. Being a dancer definitely played a big role in doing the film because the floor routine is dancing and I got to do all my old tricks. The dancing aspect really made me excited about this role.”

Not only was Kelli able to flex her dance muscles again, but she got to work in Australia with some of the biggest names in gymnastics. Although she did as much of the stunts as possible herself, her stunt double came in to do all the major flips and tricks.

“I worked with Jordyn Wieber very very briefly as she played an announcer in the film, but Larissa Miller was my stunt double. Larissa is an Olympic Australian gymnast who is competing this year at Rio and it was just kind of crazy to just be around them. I would say some lines and step out, and they would step in and do their thing and I would just be like, ‘are you kidding me?! How are you real?!'”

Raising The Bar boasts a family-friendly rating and Kelli is excited about being a part of something that will attract people of all ages. She shared that there are aspects that everyone can relate to, especially her favorite scene from the movie.

“Surprisingly my favorite scene is not one of the biggest scenes, but it’s important. It’s when my character is going through insecurities and her teammates are being mean to her and calling her names and saying she was the ‘anchor of the team.’ There are bullying aspects in the movie that people can relate to, unfortunately. It’s a scene where Kelly’s do fed-up about not have friends and people being mean to her and all her insecurities and she just breaks down. Her mom walks into the living room seeing her on the couch just bawling her eyes out and there is this really nice heart to heart moment with her mom. It’s a really great scene and I’m so proud of it,it definitely feels real and authentic. I know there’s a lot of girls who deal with a lot of insecurities and I even deal with that, especially growing up as a dancer where the girls aren’t always nice and you feel the need to be perfect.”

We love how open and honest Kelli is about what it’s like to try to live up to everyone’s expectations and we know that this movie is going to be full of heartfelt moments and amazing moves.

Keen on that Olympics grind #RaisingTheBar

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Starring on Lab Rats and Lab Rats: Elite Force has given Kelli five years worth of playing Bree Davenport and being in the spotlight. The actress has over one million Instagram followers and a strong fanbase, so we were dying to know some of the craziest parts of her star-studded life.

“The crew that I work with also worked on Wizards of Waverly Place, and we are actually on the same stage as the show and they always tell us all these stories about Selena Gomez and Jake T. Austin and everyone and it’s so cool because that was my show growing up and I loved them. Apparently Selena was super close with so many of the crew members, and one day Selena Gomez walked onto OUR set during rehearsals which was completely crazy. I usually don’t get starstruck at all, but you know it’s Selena Gomez. That was such a moment for me. We were in the middle of rehearsals and we had just finished a scene and she stuck around and watched as we were joking around and running lines. Like it was just crazy Selena walked onto MY set that used to be HER set. I never thought in a million years that would happen.”

Although meeting SelGo was a huge moment for Kelli, she reveals the one star that would make her go completely crazy.

“If i ever met Harry Styles I would be done for.”

Same girl, same.

Kelli’s new movie, Raising The Bar is available now and don’t forget to watch Lab Rats: Elite Force on Disney XD for the remaining episodes!

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