Kellan Lutz is Single and Looking For Marriage. Uh, Any Takers?!

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Remember how Kellan Lutz and AnnaLynne McCord broke up? And then they kinda maybe sorta got back together? Well guess what, girls — that reconciliation never actually happened. Ya hear that?! He’s unattached. Kellan recently uttered the words we’ve been dying to hear — “I’m single” — to E! Online when asked about his relationship status.

Oh, and BTW, he’s looking for a girlfriend…

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He said:

“I’m single. I’ve been really busy so it’s really kind of tough to be in an industry where you’re constantly flying around and moving around…I’m really looking forward to getting married one day and having a family. Whoever that is, if it’s someone from the past, someone in the future, I’m more than welcoming for it.”

Um, we say someone in future and we say “us.” Do you think Kellan and AnnaLynne should get back together? Or do you prefer Kellan single and ready to mingle? Spill in the comments!