Kellan Lutz Confirms His Engagement to Girlfriend Brittany Gonzales

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The news that Kellan Lutz and longtime girlfriend Brittany Gonzales are engaged came out exactly two weeks ago after someone overheard the pair talking about their upcoming wedding.

“A woman sitting outside having breakfast shouted Kellan’s name and he walked over to her with Brittany,” an eyewitness told Us Weekly. “She was congratulating them and asked them if they were getting married in New York or L.A. They walked into the restaurant and when Brittany opened the door I could see her large engagement ring!”

The Twilight alum stayed quiet about the rumors at first, but decided that he wanted to officially confirm the exciting news while on STEVE.

“I heard that your fiancée worked in the audience department on Family Feud in Atlanta,” host Steve Harvey questioned.

“Yeah,” the 32-year-old casually replied, confirming the rumors with just one word. “So Brittany, she’s the light of my life.”

The newly engaged couple also recently attended the 6th Annual Saving Innocence Gala in Hollywood, California, where you could clearly see the ring on Brittany’s left hand.

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The couple went public with their relationship in December 2016, with Kellan absolutely gushing about the “love of [his] life” on Instagram.

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He captioned the picture, “I now know what true love looks like! I knew it the moment I saw her. She is the love of my life. The one God created for me! She is my best friend and the best teammate to shine brighter with. teammate to shine brighter with. Thank you for loving me the way that you always do. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for your beautiful unconditional heart.”

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