Keke Palmer Loves Rihanna, Urban Outfitters, and Degrassi. Just Like Us (Exclusive Q&A)

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We think it’s safe to say that Keke Palmer is probs one of the coolest multi-talented peeps we know. She’s got a hit show on Nickeloden (True Jackson VP) which is getting ready to hit us with a special TV movie later this summer, awesome music, hot style, and a guest stint on the brand new season of Degrassi. We’re jeal too! But we recently got the chance to chat it up with Keke and get the scoop on all that, plus found out where she likes to shop and why she’s obsessed with Rihanna. Pretty sure we’re gonna be besties.

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Teen: We know you’re a diehard Degrassi fan, so how does it feel to get the chance to appear on the new season’s first episode?
Keke Palmer: It feels awesome! I’ve been a huge Degrassi fan since I was like 12 or 13. To be on the show is just pretty much a dream come true and finally we got the schedules back and kept begging and begging for the longest time, like, “Please let me be on Degrassi!” and so finally we were able to get the time for me to be on.

Teen: Your new True Jackson VP movie Mystery in Peru revolves around Amanda’s wedding. Why does True decide to go all the way to Peru for someone who’s her frenemy?
Keke: Well, there’s a secret thing that True and her gang want to go to Peru for. They used Amanda’s wedding pretty much as a ploy to get what they really want to get out there, so True can start her own designing line within that style.

Teen: Have you ever had a frenemy IRL?
KeKe: I think we all have frenemies! That’s the normal word for acquaintances. Sometimes I think you have acquaintances because they’re people who really aren’t your friends. You know that they’re not people that you really could trust and I think that’s similar to what a frenemy is. It goes a step further with being somebody that hates you and wants to be your friend. I’ve never had somebody like that though cause I couldn’t hate anybody period.

Teen: How is Mystery in Peru different from the show?
Keke: I think in this particular episode there’s not much fashion involved in it. Usually when you think of True Jackson VP it’s a lot of episodes about fashion. And in this episode you don’t see clothing or fabric.

Teen: Obvs, True is a huge fashionista. What’s your fave or least fave thing about her style?
KeKe: I think my least favorite part would be that she’s so preppy. At the same time, I love how preppy she is because it’s so good that even I like it and I’m not preppy in the least. Like, I maybe have a little bit of prepster in my style, but not very much.

Teen: How would you say your personal style has changed in the last year?
KeKe: I’ve always been conservative, but I added more classic conservative and maybe a little bit more edge to my style. Some of my favorite designers would be like Stella McCartney or Diane Von Furstenberg. I use a lot of their little pieces that I mix in with Urban Outfitters or Forever 21 or Helmut Lang, just to keep it young and fresh at the same time.

Teen: Other than fashion, what are some other things that you have in common with your character?
KeKe: We’re both very optimistic. You know, that’s a quality in myself that I’m really glad that I have because it gets to certain points where I’m just like, “Whoa!” But the optimism is just in me. I know that it could get better and so I think that True has a lot of that as well.

Teen: What can we expect to see from you in the next few months? Do you have any new projects coming up?
KeKe: Yeah! In January I have a movie coming out with Dolly Parton called Joyful Noise. And I also have a movie coming out that’s probably gonna lean more in to 2012. I just finished it last month. It’s a TV movie that I produced with Nick Cannon that I’m also starring in. And then we have a new season of True Jackson coming out and my “Show Me” single should be coming out, too.

Teen: So excited! Tell us a little bit about “Show Me.”
KeKe: Basically, it can be seen in different types of ways. It’s like, show me the kind of guy that I should be with. Show me what you got. Prove to me that you’re the type of guy. And then it also could be like let me show you. It’s a little flirty song with a pop and R&B feel to it. I had a lot of fun recording it. I’m excited for everybody to hear it. It’s definitely the older me.

Teen: Can’t wait to hear it! What are 5 songs that you’ve got on repeat right now?
KeKe: I was just listening to a lot of Rihanna, so I’m just gonna list off. “Firebomb,” “Skin,” “Complicated,” “Fading,” and “Cold Case.” They’re all Rihanna songs cause they’re like powerful ones I’m thinking about.

The new ep of Degrassi guest-starring Keke airs tonight at 9pm on Teen Nick! Are you a Degrassi fan? Will you be tuning in to watch Keke guest star? Looking forward to the new True Jackson VP: Mystery in Peru movie in August? Sound off in the comments!