Keke Palmer Sings for Us. And Other Awesome Things That Happen in Keke’s Best Videos Ever

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So if it’s always been your dream to secretly spend hours and hours hanging out with Keke Palmer (and yes, not-so-secretly it’s ours), you basically need to click play rightnow. Sure, this vid’s only 3 minutes long, but considering how fast Keke can talk, this is like hours of amazing stuff, people. So you should probably watch it twice. Or on slow-mo.

A few highlights: Keke not only tells us about her favorite rapper (surprising!), why she’s excited to get back into movies (not surprising!), but Keke Gospel-sings for us (surprising and not surprising!). Can we just say, we <3 us some Keke Palmer!

In fact, we’re loving Keke so much we’ve compiled 6 of her best YouTube vids ever. This girl can sang.

Which vid is your favorite? Do you agree with Keke’s style for getting the guys? Love her voice? Sound off below!