How Bella Thorne’s New Television Show is Like a Fanfiction Come to Life

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If there’s one thing we love more than a book-turned-movie, it’s a book-turned-television-show; Pretty Little Liars! Gossip Girl! The Vamprie Diaries! The list goes on and on… And for our latest page-to-screen obsession, we have Freeform’s upcoming series Famous in Love, a show based off of Rebecca Serle’s best-selling novel.

Starring Bella Thorne, FIL is about Paige [Bella Thorne], a girl who “doesn’t think she’s particularly special” until she’s cast “in a massive film adaptation of the bestselling Locked trilogy [and suddenly gets] “thrown into the spotlight and into a world of gossip, rumor and deceit.” Sounds like a fantasy almost every young girl has had, right? Well, according to the 18 year old’s co-star, the show is actually pretty similar to some of fanfiction’s most common plot-lines.

Famous in Love will be very interesting,” Keith Powers recently told us. “Especially if you want to see how it is to be in the spotlight, but fall in love behind the scenes.”

Keith, who you probably already know for playing Theo on Faking It, plays Jordan, one of Hollywood’s bad boys who stars with Paige in the film.

“My character Jordan is a bad boy Hollywood heartthrob who has also had a troubled past, so it’s going to be fun to introduce this character to everyone,” Keith revealed.

While there’s no air date set for Famous in Love (BUMMER!), the actor confirmed that they “finished the pilot” and are “just waiting on the official order” to continue with the series. But don’t worry too much, because you can still get your Keith fix as he currently stars on Freeform’s Recovery Road as Zach, “Maddie’s boyfriend [who] is just a simple high school boyfriend who really adores his girlfriend.”

The show is about a group of teenage recovering addicts who live together in a rehab facility and, according to Keith, is very important for today’s teens to see.

“Peer pressure is real; you have to be able to know yourself. When I say that you cannot be a follower or middle of the pack type of kid… Learn how to lead and be honest by saying no. Gaining that respect early from your peers is crucial.”

We’ll keep you posted on Famous in Love’s air date, and in the meantime, be sure to watch Recovery Road Mondays at 9pm ET on Freeform!

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